Susan's work is an investigation of a tactile territory.


Art Collective WA, 24 June - 22 July 2023

Embed is a series of large suspended monochromatic landscapes. The network of layered collages interrogate and meditate on the intricate web of human mobility and its profound influence on our interconnected world.

Susan’s skilful and meticulous intertwining of thread, cotton, wood and steel on photographic paper – plus her employment of repurposed aluminium from disused radiators – results in ‘tapestries’ that also bring warmth, luxury and comfort, like the wall hangings of old that were made of wool and silk threads.

Throughout her work, Susan embraces the concept of perforation as a gateway from reality into the realm of the imaginary. Through this transition, she embeds profound meaning and provokes contemplation. Each tapestry becomes a conduit for the viewer to explore and question the intricate relationship between movement, identity, and the spaces we inhabit.

Viewers are invited to consider the ebb and flow of global trade, the passage of time, and the cultural exchanges that shape our shared human experience.