Susan's work is an investigation of a tactile territory.


These motifs were inspired by bouquets, as typically depicted in 17th century still life Dutch paintings.  

Still Life is a work created by utilising paper, charcoal dust, encaustic wax and thread. Dark greyish/black decomposed petals were built up through layers of wax mixed with black charcoal dust. Part of the art making process here is the “hammering”, by using self-made hand tools, and the damaging or even destruction of paper, through my own developed mark making process. This destruction of paper leaves the me with a product that has at some point deteriorated to the extent that it can no longer be utilised as a whole structure. The intention is to bring a new level or dimension of interpretation to these objects. The installation should have the appearance of representing burnt carbonised flowers, dense immovable and isolated, yet with the visible fragility of having been stitched and torn. Timeless themes of morality, human suffering and deprivation focusing on vulnerability as a means of connecting us.  

Through this Work, I want to express the struggle between beauty and decay. Hence the reason for experimenting with different types of media such as wax and other processing techniques. The work appears as somewhat shiny, though seemingly rough or even melting. Tentacle like threads hanging from the flowers, representing mourning.